Tree Tops   Crown Lane   Lower Peover  Cheshire   WA16 9QA

Tel: 07941 610049

Tree Tops

Crown Lane

Lower Peover


WA16 9QA

Tel: 07941 610049


Aromatherapy Mass
age             Full Body  £45

                                                     Back          £25            

A massage to promote harmony and balance between the mind, body and spirit using essential oils specifically blended to treat your main concerns.

Thai Compress Massage                               £45                                                   

Incorporating Eastern massage technique using heated herbal compresses  for a fantastic relaxing body treatment.

Indian Head Massage                                          £25

An ancient technique to treat mind & body. Relieving physical, & mental tension and promoting feelings of calm and well-being.

Stone Therapy Massage                                      £45

Combines the use of hot stones with traditional massage techniques to bring about deep relaxation, balance & harmony

Hopi Ear Candling                                              £25

A relaxing, calming treatment to help relieve many conditions of the ears and sinuses such as compacted or excessive earwax, congestion, allergy symptoms, headaches.